I’ve been reviewing audio equipment for Dagogo for  years now, and I started my own website a couple of years ago as a way for me to share with you things that would never make it onto Dagogo. Boppin’ with the Beatnik has attracted a loyal following over the years, and your comments and support are part of the reason why I think you will like the transition to The Audio Beatnik.

So, what’s changing with The Audio Beatnik? Well, quite a bit actually. Some of you may have met my wife, Becky, at our home or occasionally at a show. Becky and I met at Baylor, where she earned a degree in journalism. Later, in what she refers to as her mid-life crisis, she got a master’s in technical writing from Mercer University in Atlanta, which resulted in our move to California. Becky retired after almost 30 years of writing and managing content and websites for global software companies. The Audio Beatnik will combine her talents and my interest in audio in a site where we hope to give our readers more first-hand access to the people and companies that are shaping today’s audio industry.

Jack’s Audio Journey

Now, you may already know that my audio journey started when I was in my teens. I ventured into high-end audio without even knowing what an audiophile was. I think my audio history begins with the first speakers I purchased. I’ve been on quite a ride with electronics also, starting with a Kenwood receiver. As my love for music reproduction increased, I tried McIntosh, Quad, Threshold, and Goldmund; but I quickly discovered I loved tubes. I subsequently owned Beards, Carys, Joule-Electras, Koras, Audio Notes, and the little Wavac MD-300B. I have spent a lot of time in the last year listening to all comers on the amplifier front and the little Wavac could not be unseated, but in the end there was one amp that has taken its place: Its big brother, the Wavac EC300B, quite possible the best 300B amp ever made. It was the last designed by the late Nobu Shishido. Then in the beginning of 2015 I discovered to my utter shock a transistor amp that replaced it; the Pass Labs XA30.8. I cannot believe the improvement there is from the Pass Lab .5 amps to the .8s. They truly are whole new amps and a new statement of what an amplifier can sound like. This pure class A amp combines the best of the Wavac EC 300B with the power and bass of the best amps in the world.

Becky’s Background

Becky, on the other hand often describes herself as musically illiterate. That’s not true, but believe me, she thinks pictures would definitely make listening to music more enjoyable. She does enjoy live music from Broadway to symphony orchestra performances and live jazz, which we are fortunate to have access to in the Bay Area. And, she has been very patience with my hobby for almost 42 years, which is saying a lot. I think you’ll enjoy reading her observations in an occasional blog post on being an audiophile wife. Becky is a people person and loves to meet people, so you’ll find her writing interviews for this website of audiophiles and industry people we meet along the way.

We’re In This Together

Please continue to provide feedback on what you’d like for us to cover on The Audio Beatnik, and we look forward to seeing many of you in person soon. You might also want to take a minute to subscribe to our site as we will be producing some content we think you will find helpful as well as interviews and eventually videos that will be unique to our site. If you would like to advertise or sponsor our site, please contact me at jack@theaudiobeatnik.com. Proceeds from this site will enable us to attend more shows and make more road trips, so your support is very much appreciated. We would also really like for you to subscribe to our Beatnik Newsletter, which will help you keep up with what’s going on with us. Thanks for stopping by!



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