AXPONA 2018 Day One Pictures; Part One

Tonight we are just sharing pictures. Show reports will begin on Monday. Without a doubt, one of the most impressive sounds I heard on Day One was the big Avantgarde Acoustic Trio Classico with the huge bass horns. This was by far and away the best I have ever heard a big pipe organ reproduced by speakers.

The GTT Audio and Video room had YG Acoustics and Audionet combined for beautiful music from the Sonja XV JRs. We toured the YG Acoustics factory last year, and we were glad to say hello to them again.

To round out the magical trio in the GTT room was a magnificent KRONOS turntable, the source for beautiful music.

Year after year at show after show, Classic Audio Loudspeakers and Atma-Sphere tube electronics create a sound that I continue to find most satisfying.

It is amazing how big the sound is from the little Raidho Acoustics D1 speakers. And, it’s not just big, it’s beautiful.

The AURALIC electronics were sounding really nice driving the YG Sonja speakers.

The Reed turntable pictured with two Reed tonearms, The tonearm in the back has the brand new Air Tight Audio mono cartridge.

HHR Exotic Speakers’ room featured their speakers, an interesting take on the old Ohm speakers, driven by Krell electronics.

In the Axis Audio room, the Accuphase electronics and the PIEGA speakers were very impressive.

The smaller MBL system sounded very nice for the first day, but the appliance white color has not grown on me over the years.

The Elite Audio Systems room with the Manger Audio speakers sounded very nice.

The Nagra Electronics and the Graham Audio remakes of the classic BBC monitors were impressive sounding.

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