My Birthday Presents Showed Up in Time for Happy Listening this Weekend!

Don’t you love it when you get what you really want for your birthday or Christmas? This usually happens for  me because my family knows I want gift certificates to buy albums. And, the albums I purchased with my recent birthday gift certificates arrived yesterday. Here’s what I’m listening to this weekend:

  • Lillie Mae’s album, Forever And Then Some. Lillie Mae has played stages across America since she was 3 years old. On this album, she weaves classic country, bluegrass, and blues with her own style to create an album of romance and adventure.
  • The next album is Diana Krall’s newest album Turn Up The Quiet. I’ve only listened to one side but I think I’m going to enjoy this Diana Krall album more than any of her recent albums. The main reason for this is her return to “The American Song Book” for this album.
  • Next over is Ellington’s Masterpieces, This is one of my all time favorite albums, and yes, I’m spending my birthday money on my third version, the 45rpm, 2LP reissue. I can’t wait to see how it sounds at 45 rpm.
  • The other Ellington album is Jazz Party. This is one of the few times I haven’t chosen to go with the 45 rpm version of an album when it’s available. The reason is that most of side one is basically a suite, and I don’t want to break it up by having to flip the LP over.
  • Then, there is the 45 rpm version of Anne Bisson’s debut album Blue Mind. This may be the most beautiful color of blue I have ever seen for an LP. Again, this is one of my most listened to albums, and I can’t wait to hear it played at 45 rpm.
  • The last one is Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer’s Bach Tios.This should be a great album and I can’t wait to give it a listen.

Stay tuned for reviews of all these albums.