The Bongo Beat – December 2017

This time of the year

If you are like us, 2017 has gone by way too fast. Things aren’t likely to slow down this month, but we hope you to take some time to enjoy the music and musical events that are abundant this time of the year. This newsletter is our tribute to the holidays and holiday music as we share some of the music that makes this season special for us and for a couple of audio friends you probably know, Jeff Day of Jeff’s Place and Jeff Catalano of High Water Sound.

Wishing you happy, safe and musical-filled holidays!

Jack Roberts,The Audio Beatnik


By the way, “This Time of the Year” is the title track on Steve Tyrell’s Christmas album, and Becky’s favorite. If you’re in New York, his holiday appearance at The Cafe Caryle is well worth the cost.

The two Jeff’s share their holiday favorites

Jeff Day of Jeff’s Place and Jeff Catalano of High Water Sound are two guys who really like music. In fact the first thing I ask Jeff Catalano when I go into the High Water Sound room at any show is what albums he has with him. Both of these Jeffs have been responsible for many additions to my personal LP collection.

So, with a big thank you to both of them for contributing, here’s their playlists. I already own a couple of these albums and it looks like I will be adding a few more. Read their post.

The Audio Beatnik’s thoughts on real music for Christmas and the holidays

This Bing Crosby album made my list of favorites as well as Jeff Day’s, and why not. It includes “White Christmas,” the most popular Christmas song of all time. My playlist ranges from classical to country and includes some artists you might not expect to be there.  I always look forward to the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas when I enjoy Christmas music and the memories of my family and church during the Christmas season.

Take a look at The Audio Beatnik’s playlist for the holidays.


Making the holidays merry with live music

This post by Becky tells you some of the places where we will be hearing live music this year. Yes, I can usually hear the same music by putting on a recording, but the experience is not the same as going into the city to hear the symphony or to take the grandchildren for a special treat. We truly believe that you fall in love with music first, and then a few of us become audiophiles.

The holidays are the best and easiest time of the year to fall in love with music because there are so many opportunities. Find out more about our holiday plans, and we hope you will share your special places to hear music where you live. Here’s the post.


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Thanks to you, we’re growing…

At the end of December, The Audio Beatnik website will be 8 months old, so we are still taking baby steps, but thanks to you, they are some significant baby steps. Von Schweikert Audio recently joined Teresonic and VAC plus AMG and DS Audio, as an advertiser. We’ve also been excited to partner with Audience and Vanatoo in contests to promote our site and to be welcomed by Pass Labs, YG Acoustics, The Lotus Group and others for our “Boppin’ with The Beatnik” interviews. What we are most happy about, however, is the very positive feedback we continue to get from you, our readers, through your comments, in person at RMAF, and through the traffic to the website.

We have recently added a webmaster, who is also an audiophile, and he will help cover the lower to mid-market as well as the digital space, which means more content for you to enjoy in 2018. And, we will introduce The Audio Beatnik’s “Best of” awards for 2017 shortly after the New Year.

If you are interested in advertising, contact or, and we will be glad to send you our rate sheet. If you did not receive the newsletter via email and would like to receive future issues, please subscribe.

And, once again, we wish you a happy, healthy and musical holiday season!