Music Reviews: The Audio Beatnik Responds to Your Suggestions

As we started The Audio Beatnik I asked on several forums what people would like to see us cover and what price range you considered budget, entry level to high-end, mid-way to high-end and high-end and beyond. I also asked on the forums what people would like in the way of music reviews. So, here are my responses to your suggestions.

1. When reviewing a reissue (vinyl or digital) please compare it to an original issue.  This is the best suggestion and the most difficult. If I have the original, I will be sure to do the comparison. If any of you want to loan me some original pressings, I’ll be shocked but very thankful. I will also compare all of the versions I have of any album, both digital and vinyl. I have done this comparison in the past whenever possible, and I have seldom found many reissues to be better, but a few have been.

2. If music is reviewed or mentioned in an equipment review please include a link to hear it. The suggestions varied on how to do this from including the link at the end of the review to creating a table of contents of the music used in a review. We will be working on adding and index of artists to our site, and I hope to start early this summer to include a list of music by artist on the website. We are also considering adding links to where the album is available to purchase.

3. Review both vinyl and digital music. This will take me a little out of my comfort zone, but I will try to increase my reviews of digital music. I do listen to digital music, but over the years for Dagogo, there were other writers to review digital music, and my task was to review vinyl. I promise to begin to review digital music more, but I have to admit I will probably continue to review more vinyl. On most albums, I will list the formats the album is available in.

4. One other suggestion was that I should review more music that Millennials like. Again, I will try, but the Millennials I know personally (and I have two in my house) listen to such a wide range of music that I will have to do research to determine what music to review. I will also  consider having some Millennials write some reviews. By the way feel free to suggest an artist you would like for me to keep a lookout for.

My promise to you is that I will do my best to share with you as much great music as possible so that we can all keep on bopping’ to the music.