New ZEN Mk3 Music Server Series preview at High-End show


Munich, Germany (11th – 13th May)Innuos is previewing their ZEN Mk3 Music Server Series at the High-End show going on now in Munich. The ZEN Mk3 Music Server Series continues the company’s pursuit of bringing Digital Music to new heights. Learning from our experience and the success of the ZENith MkII SE, including our collaboration with Dr. Sean Jacobs, the Mk3 family benefits from trickle-down technology.

The new ZEN Mk3 advances three key design areas: minimizing power noise, reducing vibration and optimizing firmware, resulting in the entire range benefiting from upgraded power supplies, new custom motherboards and new chassis.

  • The ZEN and ZENith receive upgraded anti-vibration with asymmetrical isolation feet.
  • The ZENMini now also enjoys improved connectivity with new digital outputs and an optional external Linear Power Supply upgrade. · Estimated for release in July 2018.

At the High-End Show, Innuos is located in Halle 1 and Cabin B12 and Stand C07. The Innous Music Servers are also being used by their partners, Chord Electronics and Trinnov. Nuno Vitorino, R&D Director for Innuos will also be giving presentations with Trinnov Audio discussing he significance of a high-quality digital source.

For additional information, contact Amelia Santos, Director of Marketing at Innuos, at

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