OPPO Digital Sonica DAC Review

OPPO Digital of Menlo Park, California continues to amaze me with the quality of the product build and the sound from their products, for ridiculously inexpensive prices. From their very first DVD players, their products have been overachievers. They’ve caught everyone off guard with how good their audio sections sound. Want to know how good they are? Next time you’re at an audio show, notice how many OPPOs there are in rooms with systems that cost well over $50,000. Another way to know how good they are is to look at who is choosing to modify them.


The newest product in the OPPO family of digital audio products is their Sonica DAC; it is the company’s first dedicated DAC/music streamer. Over the past few years, many manufacturers have added similar products to their lineups, so it’s no surprise that OPPO, given its wide consumer appeal, would skip the opportunity to throw its hat into the ring, as well. It merges audiophile-grade performance with the latest network streaming technology for only $799. Like the BDP-105D USB DAC/Streaming Blu-ray player I reviewed back in June, the Sonic is built like the proverbial tank and everything about the packing shouts high-end audio.

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