Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017, Day 3 Pictures – Part 1

The Zu Audio speakers were sounding fine and, as usual, their room was loads of fun. They were serving free espresso or pour-overs made from coffee beans that had been soaked in whiskey and roasted in Ogden, UT. Oh, and there was also homemade biscotti. Now, that’s a way to get a crowd in your room.

 Monitor Audio speakers driven by their Roksan electronics with a Roksan turntable was making fine music.

Entry-level Tannoy floor-standing speakers with a Peachtree Audio integrated amp made some of the best sound at the show, and for so little money.

These Wilson Benesch speakers with Briscasti electronics sounded truly wonderful.  I love the blue grill covers on these speakers!

The first of two rooms with Tidal speakers. These are driven by Bel Canto electronics, and there is a digital Bel Canto source and a TW Acustic turntable.

The second Tidal room had larger Tidal speakers and Tidal electronics and another TW-Acustic turntable with a Transfiguration cartridge. The sound was excellent.

In their room, Alta Audio speakers were driven by Van Alstine’s new electronics and a VPI rim-driven turntable.

The Larson speakers deserve more press. They are one of the best speakers that can be placed flat against the wall. They sound very big and spacious for such small speakers.

The GamuT system with the Pear Audio turntable sounded superb as always.

Swan Song Audio’s SET amplifier was driving the new Horn Speakers with an SME turntable.

LampizaTor electronics driving a pair of Salk speakers was a feast for both the eyes and the ears.

Another pair of Salk speakers, this time driven by Schitt electronics and still sounding very good.

The McIntosh room sounded nice, but does anyone besides me overdose on blue meters?

Bang & Olufsen was showing their latest technological wonder. The sound was OK, but it was amazing all of the things these speakers could be programed to do.

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1 thought on “Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017, Day 3 Pictures – Part 1”

  1. I’ve had three different, reliable dealers tell me that doctors seem to buy 80% of their Mac product. Maybe blue meters remind them of hospital equipment?
    For me, two blue meters are too much.

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