Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017, Day 2 Pictures – Part 1

With the beautiful fall weather outside, it was good to see that the crowd was pretty steady all day. The first room I visited was the Thrax room, which featured their speakers, Weiss Engineering, Antipode, Symposium Acoustics and Sound Applications.

This is a beautiful room to listen to music in, and it sounded as good as it looks. Pictured here are the Daedalus Audio speakers and the Mod Wright amplification with the beautiful wood faceplates.

The Verity Speakers with their own amplification is one of the two best rooms that I have heard so far.

The Constellation Audio room featured their Performance series electronics, the new Wilson Alexia Series 2, the Obsidian turntable from Continuum Audio Labs’ Obsidian turntable and the Viper tonearm.

The Classic Speakers (and it is a very classic look) powered by the Atma-Sphere amps.

emm Labs and Sony were showing off Ray Kember’s Iso Mike recordings.

The Vandersteen speakers were powered by  VTL amps for this show and sounded good.

I was really impressed by the JWM Acoustic speaker and turntables. The amplification was by Constellation Audio.

AAudio featured the Wilson-Benesch speakers, Ypsilon amplification and the Thales turntable and tonearm with the Ikeda phono cartridge.

I really enjoyed the sound of the new stand-mounted Legacy speaker

Vanatoo featured their little Transparent Zero speakers that I liked so much when I reviewed them earlier this year. They were featured with a subwoofer and a $100 turntable for the under $500 vinyl system. I still love these speakers (we’re giving away a pair on our site this month), but I’d leave the subwoofer off myself and get a U-Turn turntable.

In the Well Pleased Audio room, the QLM speakers were driven by the big brother to the Qualiton A20i I just reviewed.

This analog system in the under $5,000 room featured the Aurum Cantus speakers, Wells Audio and VPI.

Stay tuned for more pictures later tonight! This show seems to get bigger every year, so lots more to come.

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