Teresonic Ingenium XR Speakers with Lowther DX4 Silver Drivers

The Teresonic Ingenium Speakers have been around for over a dozen years, and the last review I’ve seen of them was mine in 2008. I purchased mine nearly nine years ago. Since that time I have learned some things that have greatly improved these speakers. First, with the addition of the High Fidelity Cables’ CT-1 Ultimate Reference though out the system. They had significant power, tone, timbre, and harmonics to the sound of the Teresonic speakers.

Another major upgrade and by far the biggest surprise was the addition of the Pass Labs XA 30.8 pure ‘Class A’ power amp. For years I thought the Wavac EC300B was the best amp ever built for driving highly efficient speakers. The Pass Labs XA30.8 added textures, colors, tones and harmonics of music more realistically than any amp I had used with the Teresonic speakers. This was honestly very shocking to me; I had always considered myself truly a valve man.

The XA30.8 made a fundamental different in my system from how it sounded with the Wavac EC-300B The EC-300B, a SET tube amp, built the sound from the midrange out, making the midrange the main attraction. The Pass Labs XA30.8 builds the sound on a foundation of bass, mid-bass, and power while having an equally wonderful midrange, especially voices. In the end, I gave in and replaced my beloved Wavac with the Pass, it still almost hurts to say it.

The last upgrade I want to mention is the addition of the DS-Audio Maser1 Optical Phono Cartridge and Phono Preamp. With these in my system, the Ingenium XRs allowed me to hear layers upon layers of texture. The texture of bowed strings and the speed, attack and decay of plucked strings is breathtaking when playing an LP of a great performance. The Ingeniums also makes it easy to follow the interplay between jazz musicians or voices in an a cappella ensemble.

So while they have been on the market for quite awhile, I have not found a more emotionally involving and satisfying speaker. Thanks to Mike and everyone at Teresonic for so much musical enjoyment over the years.

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