You’ve Got to Hear ‘The Ultimate in Sound’ from The Audio Company

If you were an audio retailer representing world-class audio products, how would you go about putting together the very best system possible? The Audio Company, a high-end audio store located in Marietta, GA, answered this challenge with what they call ‘The Ultimate In Sound’ and premiered it at the Capital Audio Fest last fall. I have to admit, my jaw dropped just reading the list of products that make up this system, and I’m looking forward to hearing it in person in Chicago.

I talked to Gordon Waters of The Audio Company to get some additional information on the system. One thing I was curious about is just what goes into choosing the components. Gordon said, “The products are from trusted vendors of ours, and we carry every brand that’s in the system in our store.” The magic in any audio system, of course, isn’t just the brand names. The question is, how do these components sound together. “The components in this system are the top-of-the-line products from their lines and are carefully matched in terms of capacity and capability so that each part of the system can simultaneously work at peak performance,” he said.

Something else that I was curious about was the logistics of getting a big system like this to the audio show and making sure it sounds great. “Moving this much gear safely and in a timely fashion is always a challenge,” Gordon admits. Some of the gear is shipped directly to the facility, but they hand-carry some of the more vulnerable parts. “We rent a van, load it up with our equipment and ride with it ourselves to ensure its safety and timeliness,” Gordon says.

Once The Audio Company team arrives at the venue, they will use every available minute until the show opening on Friday to set up the system. They will go over every detail of placement to make sure the gear is in the most optimal locations in the room and align everything exactly. They will even map out all of the power outlets that are available so that they balance their power usage. “It takes a while to do this well, but the results are extremely rewarding,” Gordon says.

What’s in the system?

The Audio Company will audition their world-class system that includes top-of-the-line products for show attendees. At AXPONA, you’ll find them in the Euphoria ballroom. The setup includes:

Von Schweikert Audio (speakers)
• ULTRA 11 loudspeakers
• V12XS Shockwave subwoofers

VAC / Valve Amplification Company (amplification)
• Statement 450iQ mono power amplifiers (x4)
• Statement Phono Stage
• Statement Line Stage

Esoteric USA (digital)
• Grandioso P1 (transport)
• Grandioso D1 (monoblock DACs)
• Grandioso G1 (master clock)
• N-01 (network audio player)

MasterBuilt Audio (interconnects, power cords, speaker cables)
• Ultra Line
• Signature Line

Critical Mass Systems (support)
• Maxxum racks and amp stands

Kronos Audio (analog)
Pro turntable (with SCPS-1 power supply, Black Beauty tonearm and ZYX High-End Analog Audio Ultimate 4D cartridge)

J-Corder Custom Reel to Reels (tape)
• Technics 1520 tape deck

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