AXPONA 2018 Pictures Day Two, Part 2

Fritz Speakers teamed up with Wyred 4 Sound for a great room featuring one of my all-time favorite bookshelf speakers, the Fritz Carrera Rev 7 BE that I have reviewed. Wyred 4 Sound was debuting their 10th Aniversary DAC 2V-2SE;

Magnapan, Allnic Audio and Mark Levinson teamed up for an excellent sounding room. Would you expect anything less?

Göbel High End was showing off their Bending Wave speakers. The sound was not one I was used to, I’ll go back tomorrow as this $150,000 speaker is worth another listen.

The Haniwa Audio room showed a total Haniwa system, which included their soon to be released turntable. The way the system played the midrange and voices was amazing.

Rogue Audio and Tannoy teamed up to produce some very lifelike sound. It was a great system for the money.

Nordost was using Dali speakers and NAD electronics to demonstrate the sound of their cables.The difference in the sound of the equipment with their cables was easy to hear.

Kii Audio Was showing some amazing powered speakers using built-in Class AB amps in each speaker. They didn’t have a DAC, but for $1,800 they sounded like a much more expensive speaker, and you don’t need an amp.

The Rainbow seemed aptly named with Marco Serri and Aria Materia Designs. Hope to learn more about this company in the future.

Bandwidth Audio’s room sounded great. Their amps and preamps really made a pair of Tannoy Turnberry speakers sing.

The Audio Federation room featured a pair of Acapella Audio Arts High Cellini speakers driven by their integrated amp. The line stage and the DAC from Audio Note was their new top of the line version of the DAC-5.

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