AXPONA 2018 Turntable Eye Candy, A Baker’s Dozen of Beautiful Turntables

I love traditional looking turntables, so it should come as no surprise that to me, this was the most beautiful turntable at AXPONA. It’s the Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Statement in Macassar Ebony at $17,895 mounted with a Supreme Analog Tangenta Tonearm for $9,000.

This was also one of my favorite looking turntables. It’s the Acoustic Signature Double X. The woodgrain is simply beautiful.

A turntable doesn’t have to cost mega bucks to make the Baker’s Dozen. I love the looks and sound of the Elac Miracord turntable.

I would love to hear this turntable in my system. It’s the Reed Muse 3C, and It’s a very cool-looking table.

This AMG Viella V12 turntable in piano black with a V12 Turbo Tonearm is on an HRS Platform. This turntable was used in several of the most expensive systems at AXPONA. No, it’s not a product debut, but this table continues to produce one of the most balanced sounds of any turntable at any price.

It must be nice to be as young and energetic as  Mat Weisfeld. Every time I turned around, I saw him come in and out of rooms using VPI turntables, which were many. Here is the amazing Aventure Plus with the new Fatboy Tonearm.

Here’s the spectacular TriangleArt Mastero Reference turntable with the Osiris MkII tonearm. Yes. it looks even better in person than it does in this photo. After the show, I reviewed this turntable. You can read that review here.

How I would love to hear the new Technics SP10 Reference turntable with an AMG V12 Turbo tonearm and a DS Audio Master1 optical cartridge.

Now here’s a different look. This is the Continuum Audio Labs’ Obsidian turntable with a Viper tonearm.

Simple but elegant, here’s the Thales TTT Compact II Turntable with the new Thales Statement Tonearm.

I like the  look of the red platter on the Spiral Groove Revolution turntable. It just gets my attention. Must be the color.

The Kronos Pro turntable always sounds great, and it looks like an engineering marvel. It surely deserves some attention.

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