Reference System

My current reference system is one that I find to be the most satisfying and most fun system to listen to music, that I have heard. Find out what’s in my system.

Turntable: AMG V12 with AMG 12JT Turbo Tonearm


Phono Cartridge DS Audio Master 1 Optical Phono Cartridge and Master 1 Peamp/Equalizer


Teresonic Ingenium XR, with DX4 Silver Speakers, all cables are either Audience Au24SX or Duelund tinned copper with baked cotton depending on amplification, power cords are Audience Au24s. Power Distributor is HB Cables Marble.

Pass Labs XA30.8 Class A Class Amp


Until February of 2015, the Wavac EC300B had been my reference amp for the last nine years. I loved this amp so much that I basically built my whole system around it. Still, the new XA30.8 has taken over this role despite the fact that you can get one for almost 1/5th the price of the Wavac.

My listening room is very unusual. I would have never dreamed I could have gotten it to sound so good. Here are a few pictures of the room. Starting with the wall behind the listening chair. The picture above the fireplace is large sound-absorbing panel.


The view of the wall to the left of the listening chair. Note the staircase and the wall that creates the entryway to the room. The room also narrows by three feet behind that wall. The Alpaca rug hanging on the wall and the acoustical panels on the wall help deal with this unusual wall quite well.


Another view of the left side, this shows more of the back corner.


3 thoughts on “Reference System”

  1. I’d like to put you on our Pass Labs emailing list for New Product Announcements. And please check our website if you want to receive New Product Announcements for AURALiC and Aurender, as well. I you agree, please send me your name & email address, and any preferences as to type of gear.

    1. Bryan, please send press releases to Now, that we have our new site up, I have a new email address. Looking forward to staying in touch and promoting Pass Labs. We are adding a new page just for press releases. You will see it soon.

      -The Beatnik

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