Audience 1+1 Improved are in the House!

I had just sent the Audience 1+1s back when John McDonald of Audience called me and said they were updating the 1+1s that I had just reviewed. He said they had new passive drivers and new motors for the active drivers. So, now I have the improved 1+1s in the house and playing I have to tell you they are most certainly improved!

I loved the originals and when I unpacked them, and they looked absolutely the same. My first thought was why was I listening to them again, I already know how good they are and how much could they improve these little boxes.

Then I hooked them up and put on some Sarah Jarosz, and my jaw dropped. How did they get them to play that much deeper and how did they get them to have such great dynamics. I can’t wait to spend enough time with them to write a follow-up review.

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