Audio Reference Technology Room Tuning Cones and L.F.E.

Audio Reference Technology (A.R.T.) was founded by Luigi Basagni in 1983 in Firenze, Italy. According to Basagni, realizing that there were myriad external factors that interfere with the transmission of audio signals, their main purpose was to pursue a way to get “the real sound” from audio systems. A.R.T. is not a big company, with only 12 employees, including 3 R&D engineers. Luigi Basagni, who is also the Chief Engineer, said in a Dagogo interview in 2013, “I think the main reason that A.R.T. can survive over 25 years . . . we can enhance the performance of audio systems to have the sound quality that it should. I called it “real.” “Make sound real” is what allows A.R.T. to flourish for over 25 years.”

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