Passing the torch: A change in ownership

Eight years ago, Jack posted his first review on The Audio Beatnik, the Burwell and Sons Homage Loudspeaker review. That seems almost a lifetime ago, especially with the last two years being a blur due to this worldwide pandemic.

While the site started with just Jack’s reviews and his wife Becky handling the administration, and purely as a hobby, it has grown a bit over the last eight years to include more reviewers and a more comprehensive array of products covered. It has become a small business.

But over the last few years, as business management, review coordination, website development, and personal abilities have changed, Jack and Becky have been less able to focus on the site and the value for the readers. So, in October of 2021, Jack approached me with the opportunity to take over the site while he and Becky are just focusing on reviews and enjoying their grandkids, the audio hobby, and the life they have built together.

With that, I am proud to announce that starting in January 2022, The Audio Beatnik will now be run, and owned by me, Adam LaBarge.

Will there be changes? Yes. Will they be draconian and swift? No.

In reality, besides a few changes to the website’s current functionality, styles, and growing to understand the audience, the main focus over the next year will be to produce more content of value across several different mediums. This is a hobby for everyone involved, and we’d like to keep it that way. Audio should be fun, equipment should be enjoyed, and reviews should have value for the readers.

Well, that is the big news for The Audio Beatnik in 2022.

If you are curious who I am, here we go:

While some of you have probably seen my reviews on the site over the past few years, my involvement has been more at a site development and engineering level. I am a web developer by trade, with 15+ years in the industry. Previously I managed the now-defunct for Consumer Review, and rebuilt and helped grow Constantine Soo’s, and helped put on the California Audio Show for a couple of years. My involvement in audio is driven by my passion for music and my love of great-sounding but affordable gear, and DIY speaker building. Plus my curious desire to understand what real value reviews can bring to the myriad of different folks involved in this wonderful hobby.

I look forward to the challenges ahead, delivering value to our readers while increasing the number and diversity of reviews our writers/reviewers can produce.

– Adam LaBarge

Please reach out and say ‘hi’ if you’d like:

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