In For Review: Teresonic Magus 100dB Efficient Speakers and LTA’s 1 Watt Integrated MicroZOLT!

I’m preparing to review a system that costs slightly under ten grand plus a source. The system features one of the best small speakers for any price, and I do mean any price, the Teresonic Magus speakers. They are also 100dB efficient with the Lowther DX65 drivers.

The power amp for the system is Linear Tube Audio’s 1 Watt Integrated MicroZOLT. It’s a  David Berning design that uses his famed ZOLT amplifier design. It is a transformer-less, pure Class A push-pull tube amplifier for speakers over 95dB efficiency or headphones.

My Initial reaction was mind blowing for such a little and inexpensive amp. Stay tuned for a complete review.