Throwback Thursday: T.H.E. Show 2019

Rejoice! T.H.E. Show in Long Beach this weekend may signal that things in the audio world are finally getting back to normal. Unfortunately, we aren’t quite ready to venture out just yet. So even though we aren’t heading South this weekend, we thought we would whet our appetite and yours with some memories of the 2019 show and mention some rooms we would love to be listening in along with you who are there this weekend.

Taking a Look Back

The image below lists the companies we recognized at T.H.E. Show 2019. You can check out our coverage of that show here. While many of these brands aren’t on this year’s list of exhibitors, there are plenty of industry-leading companies that will be there as well as local dealers who will show a variety of products.

What You Can Expect to Hear at T.H.E. Show 2021

When we looked at the list of exhibitors, Jack and I noticed a lot of familiar names. Audience, Benchmark, High Fidelity Cables, Margules, PBN Audio, PranaFidelity, Stenheim, and Voss Audio are a few that stood out to us. Even if you aren’t familiar with the brands, it’s always fun at a show to connect with old friends and see the latest gear. For us, it’s interesting to hear how the products we’ve reviewed in our home sound in a different system. Speaking of that, I think the Margules turntable at T.H.E. Show is one that has been at our house for Jack to review. So, if you go to the Marqules room, tell them hello for us!

We will continue to bring you snippets of what we hear about this show. If you are there, have fun and enjoy the show! Hopefully, we will see you later this year as things get a little more stable. Stay safe and listen for just a few more minutes for us.

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