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WyWires, located in Van Nuys, CA and founded by Alex Sventitsky, designs and hand-builds cables and a few other products for the music lovers. If you have attended any audio shows you may have met Alex and Nina Sventitsky and discovered that they are two of the most charming people in the audio biz. If you want to get excited about music and getting the most musical enjoyment out of your system, just spend some time talking to them, or better yet listening to music with them. Year after year, show after show, they join with other like-minded people to have some of the most fun and best sounding rooms to visit.

Back in 2014, it was my privilege to review the WyWires Juice HC power cords for Dagogo.  Then in 2016, I reviewed their Platinum HC power cords, which I often use to this day in my reference system. So now it’s 2018, and I was offered the chance to review WyWires’ new premium power cables, the Diamond Series. My only question was how soon can you get them to me.


The Diamond series cables are their flagship power cords. They are elegant with their textured black-mesh jacketing over a silver underlayer. On their website, they say that the Diamond Series uses some of the same elements of the Platinum HC cords, but they have additional conductors that dramatically improve the dynamics, resolution, stereo imaging and focus. The total conductor gauge is 7AWG per pole.

For the Diamond series cords, Alex has also added carbon fiber/stainless steel fittings which aid in dramatically reducing the noise floor for a completely black background between notes. These come standard with high-quality Furutech plugs. I should mention here that these very nice looking power cords are also both lightweight and flexible, which I really appreciate.

The biggest difference I heard with the Diamond power cords was on the digital side of my system. so I called Alex and asked him if he could send me the digital Diamond power cords mentioned on the website. He said that in the end, he had incorporated everything into the Diamond power cords so there weren’t analog and digital power cords in the Diamond series. He also said he wasn’t surprised that I heard the biggest difference with a digital source since that was where there is the most noise, and using carbon fiber in the cables converts much of that noise to heat.

Using the Diamond Series Power Cords

Alex sent me two of these beauties, so I had to decide where to use them. In my reference system, I found the place they made the biggest difference was from the wall to my HB Cables Designs PowerSlave Marble power distributor. I can’t wait to give the new WyWires Diamond Power Broker a spin, but there wasn’t one available for this review. The other place it made a very big difference was to the First Watt SIT-3 power amplifier and the DS Audio Master1 phono preamp. Later, I swapped the cord on the phono preamp for the Aesthetix Romulus DAC/CD Player.

Right out of the box, the sound was a little bright on top and a little wooly in the lower midrange. So, I plugged each cord into equipment that was not being used, turned on and let them stay that way for four days before listening again. Things had improved significantly, but I was headed out of town for the week, so I put them back on the equipment and left them drawing current for another five days. When I put them back in my reference system, I knew they were something special.

How My System Sounded

We all know you can’t listen to a power cord, but of course, you can listen to how your system sounds with different power cords. So here when I talk about how the  WyWires Diamond power cords sound, you should know I’m really talking about how they affect the sound of my system.

I have found both the WyWires Juice HC Power Cords and their Platinum HC power cords to be incredible for the money, and the Platinum cords in my system were, to be honest, incredible for any price. The Diamond cords cost two and a half times more than the Platinum, so they had better be really something.

In the description on their website, which I mentioned earlier, they say the Diamond cords dramatically improve dynamics, resolution, stereo imaging and focus. I will attest that on my system with both my Teresonic XRs and the Legacy Calibre speakers this was definitely the case. My system sounded very transparent and dynamic. It was by far the biggest soundstage I have heard from my reference system, and that is compared to some $15,000 power cords. The soundstage had a very ultra-wide expansiveness to it along with very good depth.

With these cables in my system, the micro-dynamics were stunning as was the leading edge of musical instruments, but there was good decay with air and space around the instruments. The scale of the instruments was excellent, and the cords had a way with space and air that was very special.

The bass and treble were both more extended and more prominent with the Diamond cords than the Platinum. The bass was very tight, deep and powerful sounding. This resulted in a firmer and deeper foundation for the music. This is a quality that is hard to describe if you have not heard it, but it is easy to hear. The top end had more sparkle, and the upper midrange sounded very silky.

When I swapped the power cord from the DS Audio Master1 phono preamp to the Aesthetix Romulus DAC/CD Player, I heard the same improvements just in a bigger way. The sound had a much better bass foundation, quicker micro-dynamics and that same vast soundstage I heard on vinyl. The difference on digital when using the WyWires Diamond cords was very significant.

Summing it Up

I will soon be writing a “Milestones” post about cables, but let me share here quickly my priorities for cables. In short, I have learned that power cables are the most important cables in a system, especially in a digital system. So while the WyWires Diamond power cables are a big step up in price from their Platinum power cables, I would make this investment before upgrading any other cables in my system.

I want to thank Alex for letting me try out the Diamond Series. I also want to congratulate him for creating these incredible power cables that brought me such incredible musical enjoyment!  I highly recommended them.

Price:  $2,495 for 6 feet

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